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EP 42: Dustin Solomon + Mutiny FX

Episode Summary

We chat with Dustin Solomon, founder of the digital effects firm Mutiny FX, located in Bentonville. Dustin Solomon is the founder and CEO of the visual effects studio, Mutiny FX. He has extensive experience in both the film and commercial world as an VFX supervisor, post-production supervisor, and producer. It’s this broad knowledge base that has made him a go-to for adaptability, versatility, and ability to creatively problem solve and execute the creative visions of clients. Mutiny FX is an innovative visual effects and post production house. They bring new and affordable concepts to each project, helping the production team maintain a viable working budget, while offering immeasurable talent and passion. Their clients include Netflix, Disney+, and Universal among many others. Mutiny FX is passionate about bringing stories to life. They mix talent, respect for the art, and unorthodox thinking to equip filmmakers to tell all the stories.

Episode Notes

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