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Blood, Guts + Makeup with Sahlah Tepes

Episode Summary

We chat with practical visual effects artist Sahlah Tepes about her career and some tricks of the trade.

Episode Notes

Sahlah Tepes is an SFX artist, located in Northwest Arkansas.  A lifelong curiosity about how movie monsters are made and working in a haunted house in 2014 were the spark that ignited the flame.  A forever-student with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, Sahlah has been making costumes and creatures for both individuals, as well as movies which include Voorhees: Night of the Beast, Voorhees: After the Beast, Rotten and Inthralled.  Sahlah has her personal company, Spellbinding FX and is half of another company with her partner, Paris Richardson, Cryptic Sisters FX, also based in NWA. 

Spellbinding FX

Cryptic Sisters FX

Voorhees, Night of the Beast

Voorhees, After the Beast

Stan Winston School of Character Arts